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Regardless of whether it is at a bus stop, in a supermarket, in shop windows or at the doctor's - digital information and advertising boards have long been part of our everyday life. The digital signage industry is booming and is rapidly conjuring up innovative and creative solutions that make the user experience even better, more individual and interactive - always with the right content, at the right time, in the right place. 

Professionalism is what really matters. You will no doubt have heard the myth that using the latest technologies is inevitably associated with high costs and even more time. Kontron's Digital Signage-as-a-Service is here to provide proof to the contrary.

Digital Signage

Digital Signage by Kontron

Together with a partner, Kontron takes care of the turnkey implementation of digital signage projects and can draw on extensive experience ranging from compact solutions to installations with several hundred devices. In many cases the solutions are operated as part of a service model that offers a variety of advantages.

The advantages of Digital Signage as a Service


Neither hardware nor software has to be purchased, both can be sourced in a balance-sheet-friendly and uncomplicated manner at a fixed monthly price. 


Existing systems can also be incorporated into a professional system - providing they meet the technological specifications - so that investments already made are not lost.


To make things as straightforward as possible, Kontron carries out the expansion of installations or the addition of a new location together with the handling of the necessary processes, from procurement to the management of on-site construction measures. 


At the end of the product life cycle, the devices can be replaced automatically.


Permanent monitoring ensures that the screens work and that the correct content is displayed.  


Any problems or malfunctions are solved without additional costs. 


Thanks to regular updates, new, currently unknown security loopholes are closed as quickly as possible. In conjunction with professional software, this ensures that only authorised persons have access to the content. 


Centralised software (content database and content management system) operated in the Kontron computer centre allows content to be made available easily and conveniently. Data transmitted between the data center and the digital signage player is highly compressed and encrypted.

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