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Comprehensive management and improvement of print and document capture processes are important components of powerful managed printing concepts. Optimising the hardware and software infrastructure for printing and processing documents also offers numerous opportunities to drive forward digital transformation. For this reason, Kontron's Digital Document Services bridge the gap between the classic managed printing business and digitalisation projects.

Beyond the printer infrastructure, Kontron offers a range of solutions that use new technologies to support companies in the full systems management of data and the digitalisation of documents into intelligently managed information. The goal is to improve productivity and business processes by implementing modern document workflows. Safety-related issues, sustainability aspects, cost monitoring and process automation are also taken into account.


On the way to the digital office, Kontron offers everything from a single source. Therefore, digital document services by Kontron include a wide range of services based on hardware, software, technologies and tools to anchor digital structures and processes in companies.

The brochure (in German) provides you with a comprehensive overview of our digital document services in a compact form:

Booklet: Digital Document Services

Digital Document Services by Kontron

Digital Document Services EN

Printing management systems

Print management systems (PMS) support the optimization of document-intensive work processes and enable the establishment of a holistic document strategy in the company by offering numerous additional functions such as:

  • Accounting and reporting: powerful controlling with user or departmental cost recording and extensive evaluation options 
  • Follow-me printing and print roaming: Print retrieval from any printer on the site or across sites, data protection - printing only takes place when the user is standing next to the printer -   avoidance of unnecessary printing
  • Rule-based printing: Cost optimisation through automated assignment of printing systems and settings depending on the content of a print job (e.g. prevents colour printing when printing emails) 
  • Authentication and management of identification systems: e.g. MiFare or Legic transponder/card reader for authentication at the printing system 
  • Mobile print (printing from mobile devices) & workflow support 

Kontron implements and operates various solutions, including Canon Uniflow, Ricoh Streamline and YSoft SafeQ.

Managed Printing
output management

Powerful output management

Finished print media, to the right addressee, at the lowest cost: That is successful output management. It follows on directly from document creation through all the downstream processing stages, including distributing the documents to the intended recipients. The scope of output management solutions also includes the ideal output of documents and information from a wide variety of applications (Word, Excel, CAD, etc.) as paper finished as specified (e.g. as a brochure or stapled) at the printer.

Document and content management

Efficient document management and intelligent content management are challenges that confront almost every organisation. 

Audit-proof archiving, fast provision and rapid exchange of information, process digitalisation from receiving mail and invoices to multi-stage approval procedures and versioning of complex contracts are just some of the requirements that require the use of document management systems (DMS) or enterprise content management systems (ECM).  

M-Files® as well as other solutions are used by Kontron to deliver powerful document and enterprise content management, enabling a significantly more efficient and professional handling of documents.

Dokumenten- und Informationsmanagement

sustainable printing solutions

Sustainable printing services from Kontron

Kontron promotes environmentally friendly and energy-efficient business printing using the latest business inkjet technology - the next stage in development of inkjet printing. This technology helps companies to not only reduce waste (less packaging and consumables), but also save energy and costs. That is because inkjet devices print faster than laser printers and consume up to 70 percent less energy. With a CO2 balance that is up to 45 percent better than laser printers, it also has a positive effect on the company's environmental footprint.

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