Specialist for Linux and open source

Excellent open source know-how: In this field Kontron also offers comprehensive services by our team of top-class Linux specialists. The product range includes: 

  • virtualisation tools oVirt and Red Hat Virtualisation
  • monitoring with Checkmk based on Nagios/Icinga
  • open source data center operations with a focus on Red Hat & Linux HA clustering 
  • building operational infrastructure with Red Hat Satellite, Ansible, and FreeIPA 
  • logging and event management with Graylog
  • applications NextCloud, Mattermost and Mailgateway

Linux-based infrastructure services

In addition to the products that are in standard use, solutions are implemented in the virtualisation layer, for example on the platforms oVirt or RHV (Red Hat Virtualisation based on the KVM Hypervisor). Where container-based applications are used, Kontron supports all areas with Docker and OpenShift know-how. In the platform area, we offer enterprise Linux distributions such as Red Hat, SUSE and Ubuntu LTS. In addition, high availability solutions such as Linux HA stack and GlusterFS are used.

In the application area, Kontron offers attractive open source products, which can be operated on-premise or in the Kontron private cloud. Across all stacks, Kontron and Linforge provide support in the area of monitoring using Checkmk and Icinga products, and in the backup environment using SEP on Linux. Configuration Management is covered with Ansible, logging and event management with the product Graylog. 

Find out more about enterprise platforms and open source virtualisation

Open source software products


Checkmk sets new standards for effective IT monitoring, is impressively easy to set up, and offers excellent scalability and a wide range of functions. This tool includes over 1,900 plug-ins and supports the monitoring of numerous operating systems and applications as well as cloud and container infrastructures. Find out more: checkmk.com


Enjoy the advantages of storage in the cloud while retaining full control over your data - that's what NextCloud does. Your documents are saved on your own servers or in the Kontron data centre. Here they are well protected and you can access them from anywhere. Find out more about NextCloud (PDF in German) 


Mattermost is a flexible open source messaging platform that enables secure team communication with end-to-end encryption. It works on desktops and mobile devices and can also be integrated into single sign-on concepts.


OpenVAS (Vulnerability Assessment System) finds every weak point in a network. A fully automated assessment identifies and evaluates vulnerabilities using scanning and penetration tests and suggests appropriate countermeasures. This guarantees the best network security.


Your company data is worth everything. Kontron offers professional backup software using SEP sesam. This allows data to be replicated across distributed locations. SEP sesam can be implemented for cross-platform usage, and applied flexibly for special requirements.


Annoying spam emails and viruses don't stand a chance with Kontron's mail gateway. The combination of effective open source components offers secure and simple management of e-mail communication. This virtual appliance helps you keep an overview.

Enterprise platforms

Red Hat Enterprise Linux

More than 90 percent of Fortune 500 companies rely on Red Hat. In addition to its robust, stable platform, Red Hat offers many additional functions that provide a solid foundation for a wide variety of applications. 

SUSE Linux Enterprise

The modular operating system offers advantages in multi-modal IT, i.e. the interaction of traditional and software-defined infrastructure and application-oriented architectures.   

Ubuntu LTS (Long Time Support)

This Linux distribution has a proven track record in various contexts. More and more cloud environments as well as IoT and container solutions are implemented using Ubuntu.

Open source virtualisation

Virtual infrastructures

Using Red Hat Virtualisation (RHV) and oVirt, Kontron offers two powerful platforms for building open source based virtual infrastructures. An easy-to-use user interface for central management is just as much part of the scope of services as high performance and maximum scalability.

Container virtualisation

Separate IT environments are required for the development of new services and functionalities. These are made available in containers. Containers in virtually any public or private infrastructure are possible using Docker and Kubernetes (kA8s).

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