From the chip to customer-specific development

The Internet of Things and the global networking of information and communication technology are not only revolutionising processes, collaboration and communication, but are also paving the way for new business and revenue models. New technologies, such as cloud computing and high-speed mobile communications are being developed at breathtaking speed and are enabling newer and newer applications and evolutions.

As a leading global manufacturer of embedded computer technology, the Kontron Group is one of the leading suppliers of Industry 4.0 and IoT products. Customers include renowned machine manufacturers, medical technology providers and companies from the aerospace and automotive industries.

Internet of Things

End-to-end IoT solutions 

By providing innovative software products, Kontron creates powerful IoT solutions using embedded products. The spectrum ranges from standard solutions to highly specialised customer-specific developments - for both control and analysis software. 

Kontron is one of the few companies that can provide the entire range of services required for the provision of IoT solutions from a single source: Ranging from the chip and board development of embedded hardware to turnkey implementation and operation of hardware and software at the end user.

IoT Lösungen

susietec - end-to-end IoT framework

The seemingly limitless application possibilities and the associated challenges of the IoT can be summed up in one formula: The more networked the world becomes, the more data accumulates. 

With kontron susietec® Toolset, an end-to-end IoT framework, Kontron offers a data processing solution that reduces the volume of data to be transferred and as a result the demand on the data highway. The framework adapts to the requirements of different applications and is implement at the interface between sensors and cloud. SUSiEtec establishes the necessary connection between the devices, converts protocols, filters data and processes them on site if required.

kontron susietec® Toolset

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