The modern workplace - more than just a catchword ...

In an extremely dynamic and budget-oriented business world, it is becoming increasingly difficult to support user devices such as desktops, notebooks and smartphones in a cost-effective and time-efficient manner while providing the very latest technology.  

For many years Kontron has been one of the best known Austrian providers of modern workplace services, with countless satisfied customers. Multinational corporations rely on Kontron's services just as much as typical Austrian medium-sized companies. 

The advantages of professional modern workplace management are clear: 

  • Lower total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Fast availability of workplaces
  • Innovative technologies ensure minimal installation and operating costs
  • Easy and efficient client management
  • Innovative financing models to ensure balance sheet optimisation, such as Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS)
  • Provision of modular services up to full outsourcing of client management
Workplace Services

Kontron modern workplace services

Consulting: Modern workplace projects start with a thorough analysis of problems and potentials for optimisation. Best-practice models as well as experience from countless customer projects are discussed during a workshop, the results of which ideally flow directly into the design of an optimal solution. Taking a comprehensive view that includes logistics, costs and technology is usually important due to the increasing complexity. The result of this kind of analysis is usually a clear recommendation for action while taking the financial side of things into account. 

Integration: Well-established processes, outstanding know-how and problem awareness, a high degree of automation and efficient logistics ensure customer satisfaction when it comes to integrating modern workplace services and products. During the implementation process Kontron follows the recommendations of PRINCE2 methodology in order to minimise implementation times and risks. 

Outsourcing: Hardly any other company has such a flexible and modular range of services as well as the experience that Kontron has to offer in building a modern workplace. From pre-installation and roll-out to certified data erasure and recycling of old equipment, Kontron offers powerful solutions and outstanding know-how to ensure that optimisations can be made and problems avoided. The result is successful outsourcing projects which, among other things, create scope for developing measures to boost core business. 

Modern Workplace: Kontron modular services

Using an intelligent modular system, Kontron offers maximum flexibility in the workplace environment. Customers always have the choice of how far operational responsibility is handed over and which service components are used. Kontron offers customer-specific service concepts based on clearly agreed service level agreements (SLAs) and process adaptations that take each customer's needs and preferences into account.

Workplace Services

The modular system in detail


Definition of processes and an exact project schedule. Kontron can rely on ready-made process documentation that only needs to be adapted to the status of the current project.

Procurement (vendor-neutral)

of hardware and software (regardless of whether Windows, Android or MacOS/iOS), individualised B2B shops, quantity-oriented or demand-driven buffer stock management, efficient logistics processes & much more


Preparation of workstations, transport to the installation site, personalised installation using Client Management Tools, data backup and transfer, user training


of a Client Management System, maintenance of standardised operating system configurations, maintenance of software packages, automatic distribution of patches, upgrades and applications, IMAC/D services (Install/Move/Add/Change/Delete)

Additional services 

1st and 2nd level helpdesk, VIP services, comprehensive 24/7 support, software asset management, client backup

Financing & reutilisation

Flexible financing with modern managed services and rental or leasing models, dismantling and, if required, reutilisation of the products used, certified erasure of user data, provision of new hardware

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