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Data protection

Data protection and data security are of great importance for the Kontron AG. We place a lot of emphasis on maintaining personal rights and respect the protection of your personal data. We are therefore constantly aiming to improve the measures to protect your data. With this data protection note we set out, which information we will record when you visit our website and how this will be used. This does not apply to company websites that do not belong to Kontron and likewise have a link to this or another Kontron website or those that have a link from our website to theirs.

Recording and processing personal data

When you visit our website, for the purpose of system security, our web server will temporarily document the domain name or IP address of the enquiring computer as well as the date of access, the client’s file request (file name and URL), the HTTP answer code and the website from which you are visiting us, as well as the number of bytes transferred within the limits of the connection. We might possibly save some information on your PC in the form of so-called cookies. A cookie is a data element, which can send a website to your browser and archive it on your system. We have no access whatsoever to your system or personal data via the cookie. We would however like to point out that the standard browser setting enables the use of cookies. If you do not wish cookies to be used, you can switch them off in your browser. We exclusively use cookies to optimise our website according to your preferences.

Person-related data like your name, your address, your telephone number or e-mail address are not recorded unless these details are provided voluntarily e.g. in line with an information query or an application/information to a position advertised etc.

Use and circulation of the aforementioned personal data

We will only use your individual-related data for the purpose of technical administration of the website and the fulfilment of your desires and requests for the intended use given. Only then when you have already given us your consent, will we also use this data for product-related surveys and for marketing purposes and even then only to the extent required for each specific case. We will only disclose data to public agencies if this is statutory. Our employees are bound to confidentiality. 


To protect your individual-related data that is authorised with us from unauthorised access and misuse, we have taken extensive technical and organisational measures that are state of the art. 


For queries, suggestions or precise requests for altering, disabling or deleting personal data, please contact:

Kontron AG
Industriezeile 35
4020 Linz



Kontron will accept no guarantee that the information provided on this website is complete, correct and in any case up to date. This also applies to all links from and to this website. Kontron is not responsible for the content of a web page via a link to or from its website. 

Kontron reserves its right to undertake modifications or amendments to the information provided without prior notice. By providing this information, Kontron does not substantiate a bid regarding information, consultation or similar contract privities. Liability of any kind for the use of, the correctness of the content or the availability of the website is excluded. Kontron will therefore not accept liability for tangible, direct or indirect damages or damages that can arise from missed use opportunities, data loss or missed profits, resulting from the use of documents or information that is accessible on this website.      

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