Industrial PCs to ticket vending machines etc.

In the industrial sector, the treatment hardware is subjected to often goes far beyond the specifications for standard devices: The products used must be highly integrated, comply with special standards, be available for a long time and meet challenging specifications. These include features such as modular or fan-less construction, 24/7 operation, protection against vandalism and the fulfilment of special protection classes in terms of environmental influences.    

Unbreakable touch screens that can be cleaned with high-pressure hoses in slaughterhouses, platform information displays for passenger trains, display panels for bus stops, PC systems designed to be used in special climatic conditions or in dusty production environments as well as integrated terminals for air traffic control operators are among the recent projects that prove implementation competence and cross-sector know-how.


Single source supplier

Kontron offers an extensive range of standardised products for such applications, including many products developed and manufactured within the Group - in particular at Kontron AG. Industrial PCs, large screen monitors and display panels as well as mobile solutions are as much a part of this product range as panel-mounted PCs, terminals and ticket vending machines.  

In addition, suitable products can also be especially developed and manufactured for specific projects, even in a small series - from the mainboard to the finished terminal. 

Software for the control and user-friendly operation of the devices as well as IoT solutions for secure and powerful networking and a powerful IoT platform round off the range of products.

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