Creating space for the really important things

As long as a major portion of the IT budget has to be spent on maintaining ongoing IT operations, there is little scope for evaluating and implementing new technologies and solutions to enhance your business. The advantage goes to those who are able to manage non-strategic IT processes as efficiently as possible with a low commitment of resources. Only then can you create the space necessary to further develop IT as a business enabler.

Kontron supports customers with comprehensive data center services. Proven processes ensure that the needs of the respective organisation are met flexibly and reliably - whether at the local customer data center, in the cloud or at the Kontron data center.

DataCenter Services

Kontron data center services

Consulting: Consulting Successful data center projects need to be based on sound analysis and an understanding of the customer's requirements. As an independent provider Kontron has developed its own analysis methodology. This forms a sound technological and financial basis for making decisions based on a range of operating platforms such as a private cloud, hosted private cloud, public cloud or hybrid cloud solution. 

Integration: In the next step Kontron implements projects in the chosen data center environment. This could be an exchange or upgrade of hardware or software components, a partial transfer to the Kontron data center or the partial migration of services into a cloud environment. For project management Kontron follows the recommendations of PRINCE2 methodology in order to minimise implementation times and project risks.

Outsourcing: An architecture implemented by Kontron - or an existing architecture - is operated based on the ITIL model. The spectrum ranges from a straightforward "helping hands" approach through to full outsourcing. Proven processes, high flexibility and a great deal of experience guarantee that the services are optimally adapted to the customer's requirements. The outstanding quality delivered is testified by references from numerous well-known customers and has also been certified by independent bodies.  These include certification to ISO 27001, ISO 9001 and ISEA 3402 standards.

First-class datacenter services

Kontron modular system

In data center environments Kontron offers services according to a stack model (modular system), which allows the simple adaptation of standards to customer requirements to enable the highest possible flexibility. 

  • Housing: Provision and maintenance of basic data center infrastructure
  • Infrastructure: Procurement and provision of data center hardware or shared hardware within the framework of an Infrastructure-as-a-Service model
  • Platform: Integrated processes and technologies for infrastructure management (Platform-as-a-Service) 
  • OS-near applications and databases: Preventive maintenance activities that increase system stability, determining backup strategy, application of patches
  • Application management: Second level support, continuous maintenance, continuous improvement and continuous change
  • Business processes: Consulting for the optimisation and launch of new business processes

Kontron customer data center

Kontron offers the operation and housing of systems in two data centers in the Vienna area. This enables customers to operate their systems georedundantly and to store their data in Austria in accordance with the highest security standards and GDPR regulations.

At the heart of the Kontron data center is a compute, network and storage virtualisation system with auto failover set up across both locations. The high degree of virtualisation at all infrastructure levels allows maximum flexibility in service delivery because all systems can be distributed to any location via layer 2 networks. Customer systems can also be integrated into the Kontron environment regardless of their location. Security and firewall services can also be provided as an option. 

Important features:

  • Highest possible level of virtualisation
  • Georedundancy over two locations 
  • Protection thanks to next generation firewalls (advanced threat protection, end-point protection, DOS and DDOS protection, URL filtering, WAF services, sandboxing functions for FTS and mail services) 
  • Data center class Tier3+ 
  • ISO27001 certified and EN50600 approved 
  • Redundant and uninterruptible power supply and cooling systems  
  • Path redundant connections via different providers 
  • Multiple 10G interlinks

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