High solution competence & short response times

First-class support is of great importance for the professional operation of an IT landscape and ensures not only that users are satisfied but also that they are highly productive. Standardisation, good employee know-how and professional software tools that enable structured handling of support cases and precise monitoring of service quality are important.

Kontron operates help desk solutions for many companies, with the customer spectrum ranging from medium-sized companies to large corporations, regardless of the industry sector. Depending on the customer's requirements, either dedicated teams or shared teams that support several customers at the same time can be deployed, depending on the know-how required and the support traffic volume.

In addition to 1st level help desk services, Kontron also offers 2nd and 3rd level support provided by specialist departments.

High quality service delivery

Project set-up

Content and quality requirements are determined during the professional set-up of the initial project to establish the staffing and training requirements of the support team.  

A great deal of know-how in the precise analysis of project specifications as well as experience from countless projects mean that efficiency and quality can be maintained by a high level of standardisation to ensure that expectations are met.

Range of services

The range of support services extends from straightforward assistance with the operating system to looking after customer-specific applications and handling complex, company-specific processes.  

Kontron creates perfect conditions in advance for high-quality, flexible and SLA-compliant service provision thanks to sound preparation, a high level of automation and perfect documentation.


Kontron maps helpdesk processes using a modern ITSM solution with multi-client capability, which, if required, can also be linked via an interface to solutions in use at the customer's premises.  

Nevertheless, full flexibility is offered: Alternatively, it is also possible to work in a solution operated by the customer; parallel operation is also possible. 


Reliable documentation and accurate and continuous monitoring of service levels ensure that optimum quality services are provided.  

Quality-enhancing measures such as regular reporting, highly qualified employees, ongoing training and the implementation of tried and tested processes ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

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