Compliance plays a central role in the corporate culture of Kontron AG. We appreciate our employees, customers, suppliers, business partners and investors, and we are committed to upholding the integrity of our group of companies.

We have laid down both the legal requirements as well as our position on ethical issues in the Kontron global code of conduct. Our code of conduct sets out the principles and guidelines that govern the way that Kontron Group does business.

In addition, Kontron AG addresses requirements and expectations directly to its suppliers and business partners in its supplier code. Kontron expects its business partners to comply with the requirements laid down in the Kontron supplier code of conduct, either by accepting the Kontron code of conduct or by complying with a comparable - but by no means less consistent - set of compliance guidelines and values specified in their own code of conduct, and to ensure compliance by applying suitable measures. 

Kontron AG employs a global compliance system with a Chief Compliance Officer who reports directly to the Executive Board. Preventive measures and checks, such as training courses and audits, are part of the Kontron compliance system. Our compliance system is supplemented by a whistleblowing system. Employees, business partners, and also third parties, have the opportunity at any time to report misconduct - anonymously if required. Our code of conduct commits us to a zero-tolerance policy for misconduct. Any misconduct reported is investigated, resulting in Kontron taking appropriate measures if the misconduct is confirmed. 




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